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A Sheep Named Breafast by Adrienne Body - children's picture book by adrienne body

"Breakfast the sheep woke up one Wednesday, and tried to decide what to do with her day. 

She sat on the grass and she thought,

'Now let's see, I only like things that begin with a 'B'..."

A Sheep Named Breakfast is a full colour childrens picture book written and illustrated by Adrienne Body.


Breakfast is a cute and cheeky sheep who loves to do lots of fun and active things. But Breakfast is a little bit fussy. Yes, Breakfast only likes to do things that start with the letter B. In this children's picture book, join Breakfast as she imagines lots of “B” activities to try to decide which one she wants to do all day. 

A great book to encourage literacy development skills, being rich in rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration, and by facilitating letter/sound connections and opportunities for prediction.

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