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Click on the PDF icon below your chosen image or activity to download. 

(More are available on the PC page than on the mobile page)


I would be delighted to see your finished artworks! 
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or email to if you just want to share with me.


Colouring Pages

colouring page - all of the science jpg
B is for bacterium 8x11 300dpi.jpg
future scientist.jpg
E is for eureka 8x11 300dpi.jpg
G is for gene 8x11 300dpi.jpg
H is for helium 8x11 300dpi.jpg
J is for joke 8x11 300dpi.jpg
L is for Lepidoptera 8x11 300dpi.jpg
P is for penguinone 8x11 300dpi.jpg
Q is for qugly 8x11 300dpi.jpg
R is for RE-ENTRY 8x11 300dpi.jpg
S is for spag 8x11 300dpi.jpg
T 01 is for trilobite 8x11 300dpi.jpg
s for - T is for Trex.jpg
rocket sheep and cow SF.jpg
phil fixes.jpg
phil eats.jpg
14 08 colouring stack.jpg
ballet breakfast.png
butterfly breakfast.png
tank ewe.png
ewe rock.png
adriennebodybooks colouring ox.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring brach.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring parasaurolophus.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring pteranodon.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring velociraptor.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring triceratops.jpg
solar sysrem poster landscape BnW.png
adriennebodybooks colouring steg.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring turtle.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring platypus.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring koala.jpg
adriennebodybooks colouring bee.jpg
easy bee maze.png
adriennebodybooks colouring ladybug.jpg
cheeky ibis maze ibis to avo toast.png
cheeky ibis maze ibis to chips.png
cheeky ibis maze seagull to chips.png
colouring comp bernard jpeg - Copy.jpg
trace and colour 8 octogon.jpg

Trace and Colour - Shapes Bundle Zip

Te Reo Maori Activities

14 04 L sheep colours no4 EDITED.jpg

Te Reo Colours -

Sheep Colouring Pages x2

TE REO NUMBERS sticker.jpg

Te Reo Numbers Colouring Page

te reo colours colouring page.jpg

Te Reo Colours Word Colouring Page

14 02 colouring adjectives 2.jpg
14 03 colouring adjectives 1.jpg

Te Reo Adjective Sheep Pages.

Have the children add Te Reo and English adjectives to the blank spaces in the sentences, then colour or decorate the sheep accordingly.

CRAFT Activities

14 06 pompom instructions.jpg
14 07 cutout faces.jpg
14 01 cut out.jpg

Make Pompom Sheep

Cut and Decorate Sheep Activity

treasure map

Hand drawn fantasy treasure map of Koolangka Koolangka Waabiny Playground at Moort-ak Waadiny Wellington Square, Perth WA.

treasure map wellington square A4 - adriennebodybooks dot com.png

Best quality at A4 size.

Can be printed at A3 size.

Christmas Colouring Pages

adriennebodybooks christmas science.jpg
adriennebodybooks christmas steg.jpg
adriennebodybooks christmas wraptor.jpg
adriennebodybooks christmas trex.jpg
adriennebodybooks christmas brachio.jpg
adriennebodybooks christmas velociraptor.jpg
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