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Phasmid and Brian - by Adrienne Body - funny children's picture book stick insects, walking stick, stick bug

"Phasmid the stick insect came across his friend Brian.

"Hello Brian!" said Phasmid.

But Brian didn't say a thing..."

Phasmid the stick insect gets upset when he thinks his best friend Brian doesn't want to talk to him.

Find out the real reason Brian won't say a thing.


This is a fun and playful children's picture book which pairs very simple, humorous text with quirky watercolor illustrations.


This book also uses a font which is specifically designed to increase readability for people with dyslexia.


OpenDyslexia is an open source font available here.

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Phasmid and Brian:


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"I have to put it out there... this book may even be better than 'The Elephant and His Balloon.' It's pretty brilliant, I laughed, I cried, it changed my life."

 - Aleysha Trent  

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